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Who we are

The largest crowdfunding platform for technological and business projects in Eastern Europe.


Launched in

2 000

Successful projects

200 000

Happy Backers have supported the projects


Citizens of only 22 countries are eligible to place a project on Kickstarter without a representative. Boomstarter.Network is intended to crush this competition and unleash whole world’s potential.




We utilize blockchain to assure in transparency and trust between Authors & Backers, while smart-contracts will provide guaranteed and fair funds allocation after the fundraising goals are achieved.
  • Author places his idea on the platform in
    order to be backed with funds.
  • Backer contributes with cryptocurrency or
    opens the project’s browser tab to
    share the power.
  • Project gets all the funds and makes
    the world a better place.
  • Sponsors get cashback for the
    power they shared for the project.


A multitude of computers work as a huge mining farm, producing cryptocurrency for the project by combining the computing power of each unit into a single pool.
  • User opens the project’s tab or download an app to become Miner
  • Miner’s computing power is added to the pool alongside others
  • Miner gets 10% of the whole pool as a reward, if contributes the most power to the project

Token Economy


Pays for the project placement, promotion and other premium options with BC tokens. Author packages have different values, and the Author himself can set the percentage of reward for the best miners.

Miner / Miner PRO

Uses BC tokens as payment to upgrade to Miner PRO account, gets access to premium rewards, and most importantly, an opportunity to receive 5% of the total project mining pool.


2012 August

Boomstarter technological crowdfunding platform launch in Russia

2015 September

Number of successful fundraising projects reaches 1000

2016 April

Number of registered platforms users exceeds 500,000

2017 November

Market and solutions research for smart crowdfunding

2018 January

Definition of the concept and technology of smart crowdfunding

2018 February

Start of WhitePaper creation

2018 April

Community formation around the project

2018 June

Launch of pre-Tokensale. Start of smart crowdfunding system development.

2018 July

Launch of main Tokensale

2018 September

Completion of the main Tokensale

2018 December

WebAssembly-based miners : Bitcoin, Eth, Monero, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Dash

2019 January

Exchange management (with API of partners cryptoexchanges).
MVP: project location, project sponsorship by crypto-currencies!

2019 February

Mining pools management

2019 March

The architecture of smart contracts for distribution of cryptocurrency. Standalone Electron-based miner, Web-Extension miner for browsers

2019 April

Finishing Backer web-interface. Finishing Crowdfunding project web-interface

2019 May

launch of a full-featured smart crowdfunding service


Price Now

1 BC = 0,6 $

Total supply limit

36 000 000 ВС

75 %

15 %

4 %

5 %

1 %

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Partners & Advisors

First purchasers

Referral program


  • Token sale

  • Team

  • Referral program

  • Partners & Advisors

  • First purchasers


Total supply limit

36 000 000 ВС

Meet our team

Paddy Tan


Founder at InterVentures Asia. Paddy is the ’go to guy’ with a no-nonsense approach for tech startups and ventures.

Shelby Tee


Head of Operations at InterVentures Asia, Shelby spearheads a team of Business Analysts, providing management consulting and fundraising services both for bootstrapped startups and publicly listed companies. Shelby brings her expertise in business strategy, as well as in-depth knowledge of Tokensales and Tokensales marketing.

Vlas Lezin


ex-Vice President Goldman Sachs. Over 7 years of experience in combining Wall Street finance and latest technology. Participated in the launch of several FinTech products, including Marcus & GS Select, as well as in the deal flow of the Asset-Backed Securities.

William Chilcott

Analytical Advisor

Managing Consultant at Adelphi Executive Search & Recruitment

John Fitzpatrick

Marketing Advisor

John Mark Fitzpatrick is a cofounder and currently responsible for the Business development function at SLAVA Group advertising agency, a company founded in 2010. SLAVA Group creates TV and Digital campaigns for Google, Ferrero, PepsiCo, Renault and Lego.

Nadia Cherkasova

Advisor, Early Investor

Banker of the Year 2015. Led units to support small businesses in several large banks.

Maria Dokshina

Co-founder, СЕО

Lead expert in crowdfunding technologies in Russia, more than 6 years of international fund raising experience

Ruslan Tugushev


Entrepreneur, co-founder Boomstarter

Evgeny Gavrilin


More than 15 years of marketing and international sales experience

Evgeny Popov


Ivan Golenko

Marketing Consultant

Alexey Levin


Experience in digital marketing for more than 5 years. Experience in several successful crypto projects.

Kirill Maskaev

PR Director

Over 10 years of international experience in media and communications for projects in finance, technology and blockchain space.

Mikhail Svinukhov

Project Manager

Launched more than 1000 crowdfunding projects for more than $4M

Evgeny Belavin

Business developer

5 years in business development of international projects

Oleg Gaidukov

Chief Technical Officer

Experienced technical leader with rich background in software development ad-tech, fin-tech and blockchain.

Bdtayev Valery

Blockchain Developer

7 years of Python & Go experience, 1.5 years of blockchain programming including internals.

Alexander Nuikin

Front-end Developer

React / Redux / Node.js developer with 10 years of experience.

Bogdan Dupak

Front-end developer

Front-end developer with more than 4 years experience.

Alexander Pavlov

Senior UX/UI Designer

More than 8 years of programming and interface development and web-projects software experience

Daria Averkieva

Head of HR

More than 5 years of international team management experience

Our partners

Success Stories

Space satellite Mayak

Engineer, more than 10 years in Space Industry. The fundraising for his project of the space satellite «Mayak» was successfully finished in 2016, while in 2017 we all watched «Mayak» conquering Earth orbit. The satellite is still there and is «waving hand» to its backers.

Alexander Shayenko

Sports calendar

Designer, Animator. The project of the sports calendar dedicated to the Olympics has successfully started in 2014 and gained lots of attention. By 2018 Andrey moved to Hollywood to work on the animated pictures alongside top industry artists.

Andrey Tarusov


Fashion designer. Designed his own backpack model, which has successfully raised enough funds to start the massive production. His own manufacture is now situated at Vladivostok and is called NEOVIMA.

Pavel Osipov

Clinic on the edge of the earth

M.D., Ufa. Viktoria has built a few clinics in Guatemala and Nicaragua together with her team.members. By now all facilities are functional and are fighting for people’s lives at the remote places around South America.

Victoria Valikova

Smart contraсt

We publish our source code because of a
strong will to be fair and square.

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