What is Boomstarter.Network?

This is an attractive way to find and buy original products from innovative and forward thinking companies. This is a crowdfunding platform based on rewards: you can pre-order a product from a company at the idea stage and provide financing for the company to develop this product. When you buy, the company promises to deliver your reward within an agreed-upon timeframe. Most frequently the reward is an attractive discount for the product. Companies can offer other types of rewards that you may choose and that highlight your contribution. What is special about Boomstarter.Network? Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Boomstarter.Network no longer relies on banks and payments providers. Startups and their followers are now connected directly, with blockchain technology providing trust and transparency between them.

Who can launch a crowdfunding campaign on Boomstarter.Network?

Boomstarter.Network is focused on companies or entrepreneurs only with their original product. The platform can be of great interest to creative professions (artists, actors, film directors, musicians, designers, writers, illustrators, researchers, etc.), businessmen (creating a new product for consumers), scientists, and everyone who, like us, wants to change the world for the better. The projects must be clearly presented, unique and original, have a set timeframe for implementation, as well as reachable and realistic objectives and a well-designed end product.

What type of campaigns can be launched?

The campaign terms are intended to be “All or nothing”: the minimal fixed amount should be raised within a set time frame. If the goal is not reached, the raised amount is returned to the backers. Project authors can choose the duration of their campaign.

Why will someone contribute?

It’s all about the natural interest. People are interested in the reward you offer: the product that you pre-sale on the platform. The main motivation of sponsors is the remuneration provided by the author of the project in case of its successful implementation. Limited offers, unique Souvenirs and fun adventures (parties, closed screenings, hot air balloon flights) can be used as a reward!). Interest. Projects placed on the Boomstarter platform are primarily the result of creative activities of people who love their work and are ready to share knowledge and experience with others. Don't believe? See specific examples of successful projects.

Project Approval

Boomstarter reviews the projects before they can start their campaign. All projects are pre-moderated and checked for consistency. Boomstarter team review the projects for compliance with the criteria provided in the terms of use.

Cloud Mining

We offer the startup to build their community and encourage them to take part by generating cryptocurrencies in favor of the project. This is called cloud mining: the computing power of individual contributors is combined to provide crypto mining at a larger, more powerful scale. This is a type of gamifications that allows the community to engage more closely with their chosen startup. We offer two types of cloud mining: browser-based and mining in our application. Browser mining is enabled by activating a plugin which is present on every project’s profile. No special equipment of hardware is needed to start mining in the browser. The computing power is then used to generate cryptocurrency in favor of this project. It is safe and is fully controlled by the user: they can stop at any time. Cloud mining in favor of any startup can also be started with the help of a special application. It can be downloaded from the link on every project’s profile. This type of mining requires more resources than the browser-based type. Although mining with the app can be done on home computers, there are certain minimum requirements concerning the computer’s graphic card. We will be updating the specifications of graphic cards capable of mining with the app.


The community can also support any projects fundraising goal by direct transfer of cryptocurrencies. The payments are available in some of the top cryptocurrencies and we will be regularly updating this list. Payments with fiat currencies is also available using a third-party service. The fiat money is converted into a selected cryptocurrency to be transferred to the chosen startup on the platform.