3D printing against COVID-19

Using 3D printing to create free personal protection equipment for doctors who are fighting COVID-19.

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Coronavirus quickly infects a huge number of people and leads to tragic consequences.

When a health worker gets infected, they also risk infecting other patients – this is what happens in many countries. One of the reasons for the rapid spread of COVID-19 is the lack of personal protective equipment for doctors.

Around the world, a community of 3D printing enthusiasts teams up to help transform snorkeling masks into personal protective equipment (PPE). On 3D printers they create special adapters for medical filters and other gear that protect against coronavirus.

This is protective gear for masks made on 3D printers.

Protective screen holders made on 3D printers.

Enthusiasts also print adapters needed for ventilators.

It is the first time the world is facing a problem of such magnitude and it is impossible to predict how much personal protective equipment will be needed. National medical systems are more focused on the planned load and are not ready for sudden overloads. We want to help by printing and supplying free personal protective equipment for those in need as soon as possible.

The funding is needed for the manufacture of this protective equipment and raw material like plastic and sanitizers for sanitary treatment. This raw material is expensive, and not all 3D makers can afford it.

In addition, the people who may need our products and the manufacturers are often far away from each other, and this requires additional shipping costs.

The protective equipment that we make on 3D printers will be donated to hospitals and medical institutions that have requested assistance.


We are hundreds of 3D printing enthusiasts Inspired by the example of other countries. 

We created a website through which 3D-makers can join the project. They self-organized into local communities, divided by regions. Now the project has 3D-makers across dozens of regions from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan).

Within 30 days after 3D printing started, 4% of Russian doctors received help from this community.



10 plastic visors

$ 5
We will make 10 plastic visors and hand them over to the medics for free. We will thank you in a special section on the website.

20 plastic visors

$ 10
We will print 20 plastic visors and hand them over to the medics free of charge. We will thank you in a special section on the website.

30 plastic visors

$ 15
We will print 30 plastic visors and hand them over to the medics free of charge. We will thank you in a special section on the website.

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