Air Launch

Building an airship to launch a space rocket from the height of 10 km.

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Автор: Kirill Lyats

Building a disc-shaped airship 8 meters wide and 6 meters tall to launch a rocket from the height of 10 km. For rockets weighing from 67 to 100 kg.

This system will reduce the cost of space flight for both mini-rockets and, when scaled, for large rockets as well.

My name is Kirill Lyats, I am the curator of the engineering and space class. Our students and I decided to implement the project "Air start". From 2008 to 2011, I was engaged in airship construction as owner and CEO of the companies Lokomotiv and Aeroscan. Today, in addition to gifted children, we invited experts to our team. They come from space-related companeis like DKBA, Lokosomskaya, Kopter-Express (airship development) and Kosmokurs (rocket building). All companies support the project on the basis of charity.

The rocket and sensors will study the state of the atmosphere, stratosphere and near space (they will be installed on the rocket and the airship and continue to work in free flight, as nanosatellites). Manufacturing of the sensors will be paid for by our partners. So we need only 78,000 USD to make the shell, truss, balasting system, rocket launch system, telemetry systems, fuel and propulsion system for the airship.

The device will use both batteries and a diesel generator. The take-off will be carried out using the positive buoyancy provided by helium, with elements of thermobalasting by warm air. Landing is done by putting weight on the airshiip and by using its engines. 

Air launch is based on an airship platform with the launch complex for a space rocket placed inside its center, in the form of a launch shaft. The platform rises 10 km above sea level and a rocket is launched into space.

Why is this project a breakthrough:

Launch missiles from the height of 10 kilometers will allow to abandon the third stage in principle. The carrying capacity of missiles is increased by 2 times while maintaining the same tactical and technical characteristics. The use of such "Air launches" will make it possible to launch a rocket from anywhere on earth. The air launch will allow the use of military missiles (ballistic) completing their service life for space launches. The abandonment of ground infrastructure makes the cost of launching low. Use of the Air launch system will give the opportunity to any country to become a space power. Many companies and institutions will be able to launch rockets into space

Our current project is designed for a rocket weighing up to 100 kg. It will be able to climb to a 100 km orbit. In the future, the project can be scaled. In theory, "Air start" systems of appropriate carrying capacity can be created even for heavy rockets like Proton, Zenith, and even Angara space-launch vehicle.

The advantage of the airship platform for space launch is that it can be created for any the launch vehicle of any weight. At the same time, the main load when bringing the platform to the specified positions for launch will carry helium, which reduces energy costs to a minimum.

Currently, we have already completed the project "Air launch" for a rocket weighing up to 2 kg. The device is a disk-shaped airship with 4 engines and a rocket launcher in the center. The device rises to a height of 200 meters and launches a rocket up to 1 km.

Cost estimates for project Air start

The cost of space rocket manufacture is covered by companies involved in the project on a charitable basis.

Shell – 800.000 rubles

Farm – 300.000 rubles

Start-up complex-600.000 rubles

Engines-800.000 rubles

Management system - 500.000 rubles

Energy module - 500.000 rubles

Helium-700.000 rubles

Work-400.000 rubles

Transportation – 100.000 rubles

Tests-300.000 rubles

* * * * * * 

The project is in the works and does not depend on the fundraising. It should be completed no later than June 2020. The first launch will be carried out from 1 to 7 July 2020. In September, the plan is to send the device with the expedition of the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation to the Arctic for testing in the Arctic latitudes in order to study the state and composition of the atmosphere and stratosphere over the Arctic. For these purposes, the launch of nanosatellites will be provided both from the airship at an altitude of 10 km, and their dropping during the flight of the rocket up to an altitude of 100 km.

Nanosatellites will have sensors that determine the state of the air-gas analyzers, including analysis of ozone and greenhouse gases, dosimeters, ultraviolet analyzers. If we manage to raise a large sum, additional funds will be used to prepare the expedition and launch an "Air launch" in the Arctic.




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Just want to support the project

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The certificate confirms the name of the sponsor of the project "Air start". On the certificate, there will be a photo of the "Air start" and signatures of members of team.

Invitation to the first launch

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The sponsor will receive an Invitation to the first start of the "Air launch", which will be held approximately from 1 to 7 July 2020 in the Vladimir region in Russia.

Your name for the nanosatellite

$ 1600
Assigning the sponsor's name (or the name of a significant other) to a nanosatellite launched by "Air launch". The rocket and the airship (platform) Air launch system will carry the nano-probes, providing the analysis of the atmosphere and the stratosphere. Sponsors will be able to call one of the nanosatellite probes by their name.

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