Blockchain Master Node

The Myrical Group is acquiring a Master Node for the approval of transactions on the KCB Blockchain

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The Myrical Group is heavily invested in digital currencies, particularly gold
backed crypto which starts coming to fruition on 4 July 2019 and will be fully
matured by 4 July 2023. 

Our global team is in the process of digitally replicating the Financial System
with Gold backing, establishing the Federal Gold Standard Bank globally. 

This will include gold mines (already purchased), refineries (in process of being built), gold vaults (acquired), 10 000 bank branches, 50 000 ATMs and a global network of Merchants that will rival Visa and Mastercard due to the significantly lower fees and no charge-backs. 

KCB Crypto Coin & K-Merchant 

The KCB Coin represents the Banking infrastructure which generates
transactional fees from all activities including Banking, ATMs, Merchants,
Exchanges, Blockchain Transactions and much more. These fees will increase the
value of the Crypto Bank which in turn leads to more gold backing, resulting in increased value of KCB. 

A portion of the fees are paid to Partners who enhance the eco-system
by introducing new participants to the system. e.g. Businesses can sign
up to be K-Merchants and generate residual income from all their partner
merchant transactions.   

  • Businesses can accept payments in Crypto or Any Fiat Currency; 
  • Tenants can also pay rental payments via K-Merchant; 
  • Accept payments in International Currencies instantly as a Local Currency Hedge! 



Master Node & Full Node 

Cryptocurrencies run on nodes of computers all across the globe which have identical immutable ledgers and process transactions at lightning speeds. There are two forms of processing in the form of Proof of Work (Mining) or Proof of Stake (Crypto holdings staked to back the system). 

KCB will run on Proof of Stake with 1 000 000 KCB for a Master Node generating a return of 15% p.a. and 3 000 000 KCB for a Full Node generating a return of 25% p.a. These returns are based on the coin price, hence by 2023, the coin value could be as illustrated in the spreadsheet screenshot below. 


Master Node

Digital Time Capsule 

You are now invited to participate in the first ever Digital Time Capsule whereby
we will create a Capsule comprising KCB Coins to target acquiring a Master Node. The Capsule will be digitally sealed and reopened on 4 July 2023 (c4 years). 

Custodianship will be vested with trusted property investors, Mark & Lucy Wilson and will be publicly visible on the Blockchain for all participants to monitor. 

Our partners have a special promotion on KCB until 14 June 2019 whereby we can
achieve a Master Node at a significant discount. 

While this promotion is running, The Myrical Group will match 50% of your contribution of EUR4000 or more i.e. for every EUR4000, we will contribute EUR2 000. 

Impulse K1 VOBP Smartphone 

Those contributing EUR4000 or more will also receive an Impulse K1 VOBP
Smartphone valued at around USD1400:    

  • Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP); 
  • Peer-to-Peer encryption that cannot be hacked or bugged; 
  • 100% Private & Secure; 
  • Conduct Online Business in Ultimate Safety; 
  • Immutable Hack-Proof Payment System in Crypto or Fiat Currencies; 
  • Satellite Communications; 
  • No Local Service Provider required; 
  • $6 per month subscription. 


Impulse K1 Smartphone


See the spreadsheet screenshot below for potential capital & cash flow returns. 

Please note the risks involved, that nothing is guaranteed and that the Digital Time
Capsule is conditional on sufficient interest be garnered to acquire at least 1

Suitable only if you have sufficient disposable income to lock away for 4 years. 





KBC Coins

$ 3500
The first 20 Funders investing between US$3500 or more will receive KBC100 coins reward. * Only if you did not qualify for the Impulse K1 Smartphone reward By 4 July 2019, this will be worth 1g gold and by 4 July 2023 it will have an estimated value of 100g of gold!
Доставка: июль 2019,
Количество: 20

Impulse K1 Smartphone

$ 4600
The first 12 Funders investing US$4600 or more will receive and Impulse K1 Smartphone worth US$1400 free!
Доставка: ноябрь 2019,

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