Electric underwater surfing wing Antarius

A battery-powered surfing board for rides even without waves

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Автор: Vassily Dmitriyev
A range of water sports with surfing boards are gaining popularity not only in Russia, but also around the world. It's cool and quirky. But the main disadvantage of such sports is a strict dependence on natural conditions, or the need to use expensive technical means. So wind is necessary for windsurfing and kite surfing, and advanced classical surfing classes are possible only on several hundred spots located on the shore of the open ocean. Wakeboarding and wakesurfing is possible only with the use of a boat or winch, which is not always budget or does not give sufficient freedom of movement. These shortcomings made me think about an improvement to the surfboards and I created electric surfing. I uses the driving force of the electric motor, as the most environmentally friendly and virtually silent type of engine, with wireless control. Imagine a board that you can ride on the surface of almost any body of water in any weather and without causing damage to the environment. The design of the underwater wing-hydrofoil allows you to climb and ride above the water surface providing a unique feeling of flight. In this position, the board is not affected by the friction force on the water surface, allowing the use of a less powerful electric motor with a large supply of energy batteries. What exactly do we do and why do we need your help? The Antarius project was founded in early 2018 and brings together a team of engineers, 3D printing specialists and fans of various board water sports. The purpose of our project is the development and creation of fast and reliable electric surfing comparable to foreign analogues in characteristics. Due to the production located in Russia, we will be able to offer the final product at a more reasonable price. Starting out in August 2018, we have already created a working prototype board for electric surfing and presented them at the Maker Fair festival in Moscow. Despite the fact that we have already created a working prototype, it is still not perfect and the work on improving the various nodes of the electric surfing is ongoing. We need your help to implement this phase of the project: - to finance the design, engineering and manufacturing - for purchasing of various ready-made components: electric motors and control units which we do not plan to produce ourselves - for purchasing of machines and 3D printers to produce parts of the product This is quite an impressive cost for our small team. With your help, we can significantly speed up the process of creating this unique device. Why did we decide to launch a fundraising campaign? The research and production work is expensive. With your contribution, we will be able to make a better product with better characteristics. We plan to create an electric surfing with the following specifications: - Movement speed up to 40 km/h - Maximum riding time from 30 minutes. To do this, we need to upgrade the device in the following directions: Development of a more powerful and reliable waterproof electric motor. Improvement of the design and design of the board. Transfer the battery compartment inside the board. Development of waterproof wireless remote control system. Sponsors who made their contribution at the start of the project will receive a discount proportional to the size of their contribution to the final product or the priority right to buy it at a special discounted price.



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