EYE: a ring camera that is always with you

As simple as a pencil - a ring with camera!

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Автор: Kirill Ramm

What is it?

It's simple - it's a ring with a camera.

How the magic works:

Launch a special app on your smartphone and connect to the ring. Then you can take photos that will be saved in the app.

+ After connecting with the phone, you can use the ring as the main camera, take instant photos on Instagram or do live broadcasts.

We use high-quality batteries developed by Seiko with a capacity of 11 mAh. Enough to take over 300 pics .

+ You can add a microphone to record video wih sound.

The ring body is made of hypoallergenic, impact and heat-resistant polyurethane.

Sapphire glass protects from scratches and provides an elegant appearance.

The resolution at 14MP and luminosity at f / 2.2 allows to make high-quality pictures for social networks.

+ Upon reaching the goal, we will improve the camera module with the following characteristics:

16 MP resolution

Aperture f / 2.0

pixel size 1.22 μm

+ When reaching the above target, we will add a fisheye lens.

IP68 protection allows you to shoot under water at a depth of 50 meters, even in salt water or right in the midst of a sandstorm.

The Bluetooth 5.0 module has a range of work 4 times more, and the speed is 2 times higher, compared to version 4.2. Also, the main advantage of using the fifth generation module is low power consumption, so after 10 shots you will not need to run looking for a charger.

The docking station can be used as a power bank to charge your device on the go. Built-in magnets securely lock the ring in place. EYE fully charges in less than 10 minutes and can work up to 2 hours.

Sizes available for order:

18 (18.2 mm)

20 (19.8 mm)

+ When the goal is achieved, add dimensions: 16.5 and 20.5

+ When reaching the over target, add all sizes.

Specifications of the gadget:

Camera resolution 14 MP (aperture f / 2.2).

IP68 protection.

Autofocus Dual Pixel.

Optical photo stabilization.

Battery capacity 11 mAh.

Built-in 32 GB memory.

Package Contents:

Ring, docking station, Type-C cable, instruction.


One should always take into account the unforeseen circumstances that may happen during production or transportation.

Production takes about 40 days on avarage, from the moment all components are delivered to the plant. Batch transportation and declaration take 14 days. Packaging and shipment of the consignment to customers require another 14 days. 

A total of 68 days: a bit over two months. To allow for contingencies, extend this period for up to 4.5 or 6 months.

This is how we got the approximate timeline of the product production and delivery. We will do our utmost best for you to get your device as soon as possible!

After the funding goal is reached, we will provide daily progress reports, as well as maintain a channel on YouTube. 



EYE Ring Camera: basic edition

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