IOST & Cryptocurrency Awareness Event

We plan to run a two day campaign in the heart of London to raise awareness for crypto currencies. Our event will primarily involve spreading the word about the IOST project, through giveaways, talks and demonstrations of the IOST platform and Dapps.

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Автор: Dominic (IOST.UK)

IOST.UK is planning to hold a two day event to spread awareness of blockchain and in particular awareness of the IOST Blockchain.

During the two days, IOST.UK will be running free giveaways, demonstrations and seeking to spread awareness in the heart of London.

We seek investment into the campaign to fund the building of a stand, Flyers, Venue and also an additional fund to allow us to be able to give away all attendees a small amount of tokens, along with free app downloads.

We are planning to hold the event, late November and will also be hiring a photographer to capture the highlights of the event.

We also plan to walk the streets of London to personally hand out flyers, giveaways and general awareness spreading of both crypto currencies and IOST.



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