Santimetro: a board game about metro and maths

A board game that trains your maths while you're having fun!

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Автор: Ilya Aligozhin

Design studio HANDMADEBOARDGAME presents its first game - SANTIMETRO!

In contrast to similar games about the metro, this board game is based on real events - the chronology of the construction of the world-famous Moscow Metro. The metro map is actually the board for the game. We decided to break the rules and focus on just the metro map, instead of creating multiple game cards. 

SANTIMETRO has simple rules: it involves moving around the game board, dice and chips, and simple mechanics of playing catch-up. With this game, you can have fun in any company with any number of players.

Our inspiration is Moscow - a magical city, and the metro is the backbone of this living organism. Some will see a serotonin molecule in the intricacies of its lines; we saw a perfect board game.

The artist - Natalia Melnikova used a special technique that allows the color and shape to be in constant motion, which creates a unique, fascinating effect. 

The game has a huge potential for variations with different difficulty levels.

Game features:

+) simple rules 

+) suitable for a large company 

+) regeneration of basic parts 

+) wonderful coloring

What are we going to do? We have already done a trial (offset) circulation of 25 copies. We game them away to friends for the New Year, and received the first reviews and criticism.

How are we going to do this? We will raise funds and print using a different technology, which provides better result and is more economical. We buy additional dice and chips, we will pack and send to everyone by mail at our expense.

How will the collected funds be used? To fulfill the goal. The amount needed for production is twice as much as stated in the goal. We are ready to add our own resources.

Are we able to deliver? We hope we can, and that's why we set a time limit of 60 days for the campaign.

Who are our collaborators? The game SANTIMETRO is made in collaboration with Natalia Melnikova (as she is the main artist) and with the support of ARTSHAR trading company. 



Reward 1

$ 8
One full set of SANTIMETRO game with dice and chips. Delivered by mail to any location worldwide, with compliments from the project author.
Доставка: май 2019,

Reward 2

$ 16
Three full sets of SANTIMETRO board game with dice and chips. Delivery available by mail to any location in the world. Share the fun game with your friends!
Доставка: май 2019,

Reward 3

$ 77
Game jumbo pack! Twenty-one full sets of the board game SANTIMETRO with dice and chips. Delivery available by mail to any city in the world. For those who have really many good friends :-)
Доставка: май 2019,

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