Setting up the community centre for LGBT

The centre will allow to have an accepting, safe environment where the help and support can be provided

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Автор: Ian Furcev

 To date, the
level of homophobia in Russia is very high. LGBT community lives in fear and
depression, it is divided and fragmented. Such small cities as Kursk have no
opportunity to open gay clubs both for security reasons and the policy of the

The presence of a community center for people from the sexual and gender
minority will allow them to have a safe island, a receiving place, where they
can be provided with all kinds of support (psychological, legal, communicative)
and assistance.
The collected funds will be spent

- rental payments for the center's premises;

- basic repair of premises;

- furniture and household accessories;

- projector, laptop, flipchart, screen for projector, cooler;

- stationery for psychological training (e.g. art therapy) and operating

- components of the security system:

a) video surveillance system,

b) entrance with double access,

c) electronic pass entry system,

d) components of individual self-defense and protection.
The community center opening is
planned in the first half of 2020. Therefore, funds for the project
implementation are required now and before the end of 2019.
For me and for Vector, your support
will mean the agreement and understanding that such LGBT centers are necessary.
Your donation will express your solidarity with us. This will show your empathy
towards LGBT people, understanding and sharing their problems.
We express our gratitude and love
from all Kursk LGBT community for any donation you will make. As a sign of
gratitude and appreciation, we will be glad to see you in the community center
opened in Kursk (Russia). Also, if your donation is more than $50, then you
will receive a letter from Non-Profit Public Association Vector with gratitude
and love from Kursk nevertheless in which country you live!  



Thank you

$ 12
We will send you an email to express our gratitude for your support.

You're doing fine

$ 1
Thank you for supporting LGBT projects!

Thank you so much

$ 30
The letter of gratitude from the head of the project, with love from Kursk.
Доставка: сентябрь 2019,
Количество: 250

A pin of appreciation

$ 40
For your support of the LGBT project you will receive a rainbow heart, which you can proudly wear on your chest.
Доставка: октябрь 2019,
Количество: 300


$ 50
For 50$ donation you will receive a photo of participants of the "Vector" team, who are holding the banners with the words of gratitude to you!
Доставка: октябрь 2019,
Количество: 50

For the projector

$ 60
Your donation of 60$ will be spent only for the purchasing of a projector, which will be labeled with your name and words of our gratitude.
Количество: 14


$ 70
The congregation video, made for your birthday, from the representatives of Kursk LGBT
Доставка: январь 2020,
Количество: 20

Online meeting

$ 80
For your donation of 80$ the head of the project is ready to have an online meeting with you. You can ask any questions and satisfy your curiosity!
Доставка: сентябрь 2019,
Количество: 40

In your name

$ 19400
For a full support of the project, the community centre will be named in your name. You will also get all the bonuses mentioned above.
Количество: 1

The friend of Kursk LGBT

$ 20
We express our gratitude to you in our social nets and information resources.

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